Tuesday, March 9, 2010

Upcoming: Keynote-riffic Appropriation Conference March 19

What the frak is it with all the Sandals-riffic events this month? Here is the fourth and final one: a keynote talky thing at the York U Art History Grad Students Association's conference on appropriation, which happens Friday, March 19.

The good part of this news, for many, is that the conference is happening downtown at 1 Dundas West, meaning no slog to Downsview station and beyond. (!) And the very, very good part of this news is that other keynoters are Montreal art historian Johanne Sloan and Toronto artist/curator/critic Jen Hutton, who has a review up at Artforum right now. Also on the slate are interesting grad student presentations on Bigfoot, Louis Riel, video game demakes and more.

The fun starts at 10am and goes to 4:30pm at 1 Dundas St West, suite 2602. For more information, email ahgsay@gmail.com.

Image of Bart Simpson as Nirvana album cover, which comes up as second google image hit for "appropriation," from Flowtv

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