Wednesday, March 3, 2010

On Being Un-With-It: Or, A Post in Which I Finally Come to Understand what the "Love the Artist" AE Billboards are Shilling

Using the image of the artist to shill stuffs is nothing new. However, I must admit I have been amused over the past number of months as American Eagle has mounted large billboards emblazoned "Love the Artist" (like this one in Yonge-Dundas Square.) But I hadn't until this point been sufficiently motivated to find out what more the ads "mean". Surprise! "The Artist" in this case is "The Artist Jean," which AE defines as "Sexy Skinny Flare Leg. Low Rise." (There's also an "Artist Crop.") In a related vein, there is also a pretty bad commercial you can watch on Youtube, which emphasizes the messy-haired-yet-perfect-skinned aspect of being a visual creative.

Could the next jeans instalment please be "The Critic"? ie. "Elastic Waistband, Ink Blots, Comfy Yet Concise"? A girl can dream.

Image from LA-Story

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