Monday, March 15, 2010

Luminato Announces Vis-Arts Picks for 2010

Today, crazy interdisciplinary arts fest Luminato released its visual art highlights for 2010. Here's what I will be looking forward to come June:

1. Janet Cardiff and George Bures Miller. The famed duo is bringing a salvaged Chinese junk boat titled Ship O’ Fools to Trinity Bellwoods Park. Cardiff and Bures Miller impress more often than not -- and I've never seen their work in a public space, so I really look forward to this.

2. Mark Fast. Okay, this one's more fashion than art, but I'm darn intrigued. Canadian-born, London-based designer Fast has become known for his spiderweb-like knitwear, which I damn well appreciate him showing on models who are not totally stick-thin. According to Luminato's release, Fast will create a knitted sculpture/installation at Brookfield Place.

3. FriendswithYou. Another art/design mashup, the Miami-based FriendswithYou will create a colourful installation at Queen's Park. (Apparently they've done similar stuff at Art Basel Miami and in Berlin.)

Image of Cardiff and Bures Miller's Ghost Machine from their website; image of Mark Fast's fall 2010 fashion show from his website; and image of FriendsWithYou's contribution to the Art Basel Miami 2006 parade from Aesthetic Grounds

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