Monday, March 22, 2010

Get Yo Face on Brookfield Place - Contact Style

From what I hear, this year's Contact festival, which starts May 1, will have some pretty interesting installations. One will be a stained-glass style mural, created by Quebec duo Doyon Rivest, that plays up the cathedral-like style of Brookfield Place's Calatrava-designed atrium. And next week, downtowners have a chance to perhaps become a part of the final installation--Doyon Rivest are conducting a public photo shoot on Tuesday March 30 at Brookfield Place from 10 - 5 pm. As described in the Contact release that went out today,

Sitters will be photographed in the dark with their faces illuminated by their electronic portable devices: cell phone, iPod etc. Each photo will take approximately two minutes. The captured portraits will be digitally compiled to make one image that will be displayed as a large-scale installation.

About the Installation:
Doyon-Rivest will make spectacular use of the cathedral-like qualities of the Galleria. The artists will transform the Bay St entrance's 18-meter-high window into a giant stained glass-like artwork.

About the Project:
Le siècle des lumières, an encompassing image will reveal a series of portraits lighted by the small screens of portable electronic devices. These sources of light only reveal faces, which seem to float in an undetermined space, creating an atmosphere that makes us think of the beauty of the night sky.

Image of Doyon Rivest's Le siècle des lumières, 2008 from Contact

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