Thursday, December 11, 2008

Recommended: Luanne Martineau @ Jessica Bradley, Althea Thauberger @ Susan Hobbs

A couple of recommended shows in TO:

Luanne Martineau at Jessica Bradley is a whole bowl of feminist crafty fun. Martineau's works crystallize a really conceptual art historical approach and a really mucky materialist one all at the same time. Very very interesting, in a way speaking I think to the politics of the felt (material and emotion), of the body, of marrying concept with actuality. I can't do it justice in a few sentences so I just recommend it be seen.

Althea Thauberger @ Susan Hobbs opens tonight with work from Patrick Howlett. I really like Thauberger's group portraits of people in somewhat awkward or unusual positions--the National Post should run my interview with her in the next few days about this work, but since the show is opening tonight I wanted to give it a shout out.

Image of Luanne Martineau's work from Jessica Bradley Art & Projects

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