Thursday, December 4, 2008

Canada Insanada

While the rest of the art world seemingly convenes in Miami, even if deflatedly, Canada goes insane! Coalition governments! Prorogation of parliament! Maybe if it was all just performance art I wouldn't feel so disappointed with the Governor General's decision to let the prime minister go on vacation for 8 weeks so he doesn't get voted out of parliament. Ree-effing-diculous.

On a more positive note... last night I went on a tour of the Grange, a historic buildings from which the AGO sprang. There is an anthropological team there right now investigating what could be a Da Vinci Code of Toronto of sorts. It seems the team found a map in a stack of old butler's letters, and dug up places marked with an x--lo and behold, in those locations, there were little stashes of beeswax vessels filled with things like spices, or bones and plaited hair. They have a hunch that a former maid there installed all these secret treasures. What's more, they discovered a hidden workbench/studio where she used to craft these things. Absolutely out of this world.

Why did she do it? Some say witchcraft. Some say obsessive compulsion. Some say love affair.

Whatever it is -- especially if it managed to keep her sane in trying times -- I'm mightily tempted to engage in it myself at this insane political juncture.

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