Tuesday, December 16, 2008

Recommended: A Drink To Us When We're Both Dead

This looks good:

"MKG127 is pleased to host the launch for A Drink To Us (When We're Both Dead), an edition by Dave Dyment on Sunday December 21st from 3-6 PM.

Working with the staff at the Glenfiddich Distilleries, Dyment created a reinforced barrel, filled it with uncut spirit and buried it in Warehouse 8, among large stones from the river Fiddich. It will be excavated in 2108. This whisky is being pre-sold now, though it will not be available to drink for 100 years. Buyers will receive an extruded wood casket housed in a linen box, a map of the warehouse, a small diary documenting the process, and a contract to pass on to their ancestors to collect the whisky in a hundred years time. "A Drink To Us (When We're Both Dead" is available in an edition of 25 copies.

A website documenting the project can be seen here: http://www.davedyment.com/100.html.

A representative from Glenfiddich will be on hand at the launch, serving Scotch."

Free scotch, people!

Also, I visited Glenfiddich's art residency program on a junket last year--the only junket I have ever participated in, actually--and I think Dyment's project makes particularly good use of the context. I look forward to seeing if any still-monied stockbrokers can step up to buy a bottle for their future sons and daughters. How will scotch taste once it's been flavoured by environmental apocalyse 100 years hence. Mmmmmm. I can only wonder.

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