Friday, December 12, 2008

Correction: Clint Roenisch/Carte Blanche Curation

The best/worst thing about doing a personal blog is that factchecking is nonexistent, pretty much. You can get stuff out fast, but the mistakes come fast and furious as well.

So I apologize to dealer Clint Roenisch for reproducing a mistake that Sarah Milroy originally asserted in the Globe and Mail last month. I referenced her article in a post here.

Milroy had implied that five of the thirty-some artists in the Carte Blanche show were from Roenisch's gallery--a bit of a conflict of interest since the show was co-curated by Roenisch meant to represent Canadian painting in general.

However, as Roenisch recently clarified to me in an email, the "five Roenisch painters" referred to were in the much-larger anthology Carte Blanche, not the smaller show Carte Blanche. In the show, just two of his artists are represented.

This ends the factchecking-embarrassment portion of today's posts. Personally relevatory embarrassments potentially still in store!

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