Thursday, December 20, 2007

December: From heavy metal to copper welders

December has flown by, with lots on the go writing-wise. Here's the overview:

An interview in the National Post with heavy-metal-imagery artist Steven Shearer

A review in NOW of Heather Goodchild's latest show, a thoughtful take on the good life

A gallery-going summary of "art to slow down to" in the Queen West district in the Post's Toronto section

An interview with Shelagh Keeley, a Canadian artist who revels in the process of drawing, for the National Post

A cross-country survey on the state of Toronto's art scene for Canadian Art magazine

Another gallery-going survey, this time of "art of swaddlage" i.e. textiles, in the Queen West are for the Post's Toronto section

A report from Museums Canada's Visual Arts Summit for NOW Magazine


An interview with Ian MacDonald, a welder and photographer in Kamloops, about his project on copper-mine co-workers

I will post more links when I can!

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