Wednesday, December 23, 2009

Out Today: Interview with Kalle Kataila in National Post

As I noted last week, I loved seeing art/activist duo the Yes Men take on global climate inaction in Copenhagen. Interestingly, Finnish artist Kalle Kataila wants viewers to consider similar issues, albeit in a much more subtle and personal way. This didn't come across to me at first glance—just the images themselves were breathtaking—but it is elaborated in my interview with him in today's National Post. Here's an excerpt:

Q Your project is called Land­scapes and Contemplations. While landscape is easy to photograph, contemplation is less so. How did you approach that?

A Before this project, I was doing photographs of people in meditation. And then I thought that this story could be told through landscape, through an open kind of space. In the landscape, there's often a lot of different stories going on as well. In my work from Dubai, there's a lot of wondering about what has happened with cities, not just thoughts about the grandeur of nature. But overall there is some kind of harmony in the images. And I hope that prompts people to think about our lives, as well as the relationship of our lives to the land.

Some of Kataila's photographs are on view at Toronto's Harbourfront Centre to January 3. And there's more pics below as well as on Kataila's website.

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