Monday, December 21, 2009

Love: Kid-Oriented Exhibition Labels @ Harbourfront Centre

One thing I really love seeing are the kid-oriented exhibition labels at Harbourfront Centre. Honestly, I consider them grownup-oriented as well. Which would you rather read, this:

or this:

I'd say the former, at least as an entry point. The kid labels are also placed a little lower (so grownups have to stoop to read them, dang it!). Incidentally, if you want to find out more about Mike Bayne's work, which is also worth a shout-out, go here.


Eric said...

I agree with you about labels, they often seem wordy for the sake of being wordy, without offering any real insight into the work.

As for Mike Bayne's work, I've spent over 15 minutes at a stretch staring at the tiny brushstrokes in one of his paintings, they are amazing!

Anonymous said...

I've never, (at least I can't recall ever seeing) a Mike Bayne painting without at least a couple hundred word "this is not a photo" disclaimer type thingy. I think these ditties should be, much, MUCH BIGGER and LONGER TOO - just in case there is a single, solitary person left on the planet who can't imagine how tiny the brush he uses must be.

Merry Ho Ho!