Monday, December 7, 2009

Interview: Elizabeth Zvonar

Vancouver artist Elizabeth Zvonar once ran a free-luck cart at Helen Pitt Gallery. The good fortune (as well as, we can presume hard work) certainly seems to have worked for Zvonar—opportunities since then have included a window installation at Artspeak and now a solo at the Contemporary Art Gallery.

Today, the National Post ran my Q&A with Zvonar about her new show. Here's an excerpt:

Q So you're mixing images from different eras. Is that why your show is called On Time?

A The impetus for everything in this show started with my research into early-20th-century Paris. I was interested in what social influences were brought into the type of cubism that Picasso is known for -- then the beats era, then the hippie era. It's all very loose, but I am conflating time in different eras of magazines. There's also a sculpture in the show made of wood that's 3,000 300 years old. In that, you can see time as well. I was interested in the musical sense of "on time," like rhythm.

(Note the originally published 3,000 years is actually 300. Apologies.) Also really fun is Zvonar's takeoff of the Vancouver school in this image (not in the show) Talking Stick.

Image of Elizabeth Zvonar's Channelling from Mono Clothing

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