Tuesday, December 1, 2009

McMichael Gallery launches "Mood on Demand" TV channel. Wha????

When I receive a publicity factsheet titled "Mood on Demand," I'm pretty sure it has to do with pharmaceuticals, self-help, or some homegrown mixture of the two.

Alas, the McMichael Collection was shilling neither prozac or paperbacks when it lobbed this particular press release into my inbox the other day.

According to the release, "Mood on Demand" is actually a new on-demand channel option at Rogers Cable which scrolls through McMichael hits like Tom Thomson's Snow Shadows and A. Y. Jackson's Bent Pine.

The overall promise is "content that transforms a flat-panel TV into an art gallery"... Just what the Group of Seven was I'm sure hoping for when they took to the great Canadian "wilderness" to document its glory.

Aw, in all seriousness distribution of art is a good thing, and I'd like to see more art coverage on TV. This just feels a bit cheesy, especially with the unfortunate word-branding where art=mood. Blech.

If you're interested, the service does launch today at the rate of 99 cents a day. (Personally, I may just be sticking with Gossip Girl. Srsly!)

TV image from The Magpie's Nest


nick said...


A.K. said...

I'm sticking to The Fireplace Channel.

Leah Sandals said...

Yes, but is your Fireplace an artwork? Sorry, no mood for you.

nick said...

It is if it's a Jan Dibbets.