Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Panel Power: Toronto Alliance of Art Critics says BRING IT

This post is just a friendly plug for a panel I'm involved with next week: "Toronto Alliance of Art Critics says BRING IT" aka "MAKE FACE MOFOS!"

The panel is the brainchild of talented and social art gal Nadja Sayej—yes, she of snap-and-snark-filled Artstars* hosting fame. It also features esteemed colleagues Murray Whyte, David Balzer, Rosemary Heather, Charlene Lau and Otino Corsano. My understanding is that we'll each very very briefly say something prepared, then open to a long Q&A. The event is co-organized by Xenia Benivolski of White House fame. Here's the key details:

Toronto Alliance of Art Critics says BRING IT aka "MAKE FACE MOFOS!"
Wednesday, December 2 @ 8pm (doors 7:30ish?)
Double Double Land - 209 Augusta
PWYC, suggested donation $5
Enticements: There will be confrontation! Someone will win a free art review! "Refreshments" will be available!

Oh, and in case you're wondering what the Toronto Alliance of Art Critics is, it would seem to be very much a work in progress. I'm in it for the fun and fellowship, like an atheistic and gender-neutral Catholic Women's League. My take is it is very open to expansion and invention. (I've longed for such a thing, though the closest I could find was the UNESCO (?) sponsored International Association of Art Critics.)

Bring it on!

Image of actors in overlooked art-critical treasure trove Bring It On! from the LA Times' Culture Monster

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