Monday, November 2, 2009

Enjoyed: Melinda Josie's Knitting Bear at Magic Pony

This weekend I stopped into Magic Pony, which will soon be wrapping up an exhibition related to the latest edition of Curvy, a catalogue of lady illustrators and artists from near and far.

It was actually a return trip for me as I wanted to take another look at a print I really liked: Melinda Josie's Like a Bear Knitting, pictured above. As I discovered on the Interwebs, Josie is a youngish Toronto artist and illustrator, who happened to make some of my other fave Magic Pony works, like the Kittenwillows and Fig Newton. I then discovered that this coming week Josie is opening a show related to a new children's book she's illustrated called Le GĂ©ranium -- I don't think there will be as many knitting bears involved, which might depress my own excitement about the show, but if you like the work too it could be worth a peek. Opens November 7 at--where else?--Magic Pony.

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