Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Late to the Party: Miranda July's Venice Biennale Sculptures

Over dinner this evening, I got to chat with a friend who had gone to the Venice Biennale this summer. It was great to hear the views of a creative person not ensconced in the art critical realm... I'm always interested in the ways each of us form our judgments of worthwhile art, and the ways those can become homogenized in different critical echelons. In any case, my friend really liked Miranda July's contribution to the Biennale, which, for whatever reason (potentially simply my niche) I hadn't heard about. These "interactive" sculptures do seem to have been a popular hit--which perhaps explains their lack of coverage in the critical press? They do seem a bit cutesy for all them serious thinkers out there. In any case, there's more pics here if you're interested. And it is nice to see people smile with art, you know, for a change.


L.M. said...

I admire her generosity towards her audience, but I can't help but find her work a bit cloying.

Leah Sandals said...

Yeah.... I think that's probably what has turned off the more cynical-theoretical art sect. But it was interesting to hear about something other than freaking Elmgreen and Dragset, which while I'm sure was great perhaps better exemplifies the standard of our "sect" (I'm self-identifying here) at present.