Friday, January 16, 2009

Sad News: David Mirvish Books to Close

Sad News: David Mirvish Books on Art, a Toronto art-and-lit institution (with a Frank Stella painting to boot) has told employees it will be closing February 5 or threabouts. The bookstore has already informally started to notify people coming in with gift certificates that they should use them up before the end of the month. I understand that Amazon has got the best of most bookstores, but this is a shock. For some time, people speculated that the bookstore was losing money but still retained value to the owner because it anchored "Mirvish Village" real estate on Markham in Toronto. In the meantime, the store has slashed prices on books throughout the store. More news as it becomes available.


Gabby said...

So sad! They are so close to my house and so great! And they employ a bunch of really amazing local artists who would otherwise have to work terribly non-art related day jobs.

Leah Sandals said...

Yes, it's definitely a loss to the employees and the community. My fantasy is that he's closing to open an art warehouse, but I'd like to repeat, that's a fantasy.