Tuesday, January 6, 2009

Bad Poster, Yummy Show: The Latest from the TRL Gallery

The latest show from the quietly diligent curators over at the Toronto Reference Library Gallery has a terrible poster... but I urge you not to make that the basis of your judgment. "Local Flavour: Eating in Toronto 1830-1955" is a very solid little historical show. Basically, like the past TRL success "The Circus Comes to Town", this show features an assortment of archival pics, yellowed books and ancient brochures to illustrate an era in Toronto history. And it does so very well. There it is, a picnic in High Park some 100 years ago! A horse and sleigh delivering meat in the east end! And a Little-House-on-the-Prairie-worthy ice-seller's cart! Larger institutions, I think, could learn a thing or two from this conciseness and focus. To January 11 in-house, online in virtual form maybe forever. (?)

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