Thursday, January 8, 2009

Print-Art-Media-Love, Top Tens, Warhol for Kids & more

Wow, them there-ain't-no-demise-of-art-media pieces are comin' in a flurry! Simpleposie directed me to a Village Voice article by Martha Schwendener on the issue, and ArtsJournal did to a similar piece at Jen Graves essay at The Stranger. Interestin'. There's also general print's-not-goin-down-without-a-fight stuff from Russell Smith at the Globe and DB Scott at Canadian Magazines.

Overall, I'm glad this conversation is happening--but then again, I'm an art writer, and this is stuff written largley by arts writers about art writing. How much does it matter to the average person? I sometimes wonder if segments of layoffs in other industries like advertising and pharma are being underreported because they don't like to write quite as much for newspapers and stuff. Just sayin'.

In the holy-stuff-I-don't-know-about-but-should category are the best-of-web Top Tens by Art Fag City.

And from the "bit strange but glad you did the finding out category" is Peter Goddard's TO Star article on the bizarre transformation of the Kitchener children's museum into a repro of Warhol's factory. This Warhol-for-kids theme reminded me of a picture book I saw recently at the Montreal Museum of Fine Arts: Uncle Andy's: A Faabbbulous Visit With Andy Warholby none other than Andy's nephew James Warhola.

Finally, from the non hypertext world, I have to say that Lynne Marsh's show at the Contemporary Art Museum in Montreal is really great. I went to see the rock and roll show, but this was the exhibition that rocked my world. Lots in this about the connections and disconnections between camera-seeing and body-experience, between virtual and real, between the adored and the attacked. Great stuff.

Image of Lynne Marsh's Ballroom, Video installation still from

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