Monday, January 5, 2009

Late-day Linkage: Best-ofs and Bad Outlooks

Here's the best ofs/good stuff:

-Best of Haligonia's 08 arts from The Coast

-And the best of the Calgarian West, for good measure (FFWD)

-The Globe pegs AGO head Matthew Teitelbaum as arts person of the year

-A new arts advocacy group has formed to lobby parliament (The Straight)

-Seattle critic Regina Hackett's Top Ten

-The heritage minister promises culture will be part of the feds's stimulus package

-All seeing blogger C Monster's cogent year-end list

And here's the bad (or well, grim) outlooks for art/art writing:

-The art critical pool shrinks in Seattle, as elsewhere (Arts Journal)

-Federal cash seems to be stymied between coffers and contribuees (The Globe)

-Late payment increases costs of repatriation for a Canuck collection (The Star)

-Roger Ebert laments the chopping of all Associated Press reviews to 500 words (Art Fag City)

-News outlets are folding because none of us are willing to pay for information, newspapers are dying redux, and magazines are abandoning the web (which could save them) (all via Masthead)

In between, value-wise:

-NSCAD recently evaded a strike on the part of their part-time faculty (The Coast)

-TO journalist Murray Whyte says museums should look closer to home in '09

-Art idles in Vancouver parking spots (The Straight)

-Toronto theatre critic J Kelly Nestruck opens a fun can of worms by saying it's okay for critics to moonlight in their area of criticism (The Globe)

-The New York Times's man in Ottawa bones up at last on the National Gallery of Canada's HR problems

-Five questions for magazines in '09 , not the least of which is survival

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