Monday, January 18, 2010

Scorsese Makes Unwitting Case for the Existence of Museums Everywhere

I'm not a huge fan of Martin Scorsese's movies (too brutal, oftentimes, for delicate art critics--oh, ok, just lifetime scardey cats--like me).

But I caught a speech by the acclaimed director on last night's Golden Globes broadcast, and I have to say he makes a damn eloquent case for film preservation, one which can be easily extended to the practice of cultural-artifact preservation/collections curating in general, I think.

Scorsese's points on cultural memory and image memory are also interesting, no matter what the boredom on the celeb audience's faces might imply. (Best quote: "The past is never dead; it is not even past." -- William Faulkner) Just make sure to skip the montage-which-turns-into-a-commercial (or, you know, not) by starting at the 6 minute mark, and enjoy.


Anonymous said...

Here Here! /Cab

Leah Sandals said...

Nice... thanks Cab! I wondered after this post if I had simply been swept away by Scorsese's cool glasses....