Saturday, January 23, 2010

Best things seen and unseen today

Here's where I went today: Radiant Dark, Mercer Union, Toronto Free Gallery, Olga Korper, Christopher Cutts, Peak Gallery, Fine and Dandy, Industrees, Jessica Bradley, Show & Tell, MKG127, Xpace, Hunter & Cook, Paul Petro, Heavy Metal, Clint Roenisch, Angell, Pari Nadimi, Open Studio, A Space, Red Head, Red Bull.

Here's where I did not go today (sadly): the big anti-prorogue protest in downtown Toronto.

Nonetheless, here's the best things I saw today:

Pictures from the anti-prorogue protest. Estimated 7,000 turnout in Toronto, thousands more across the country. Frequent updates and more images available at (Particular image above via

Jon Sasaki's video of trying to run up an unsupported ladder in front of the "Better Living" building. Entertaining, sad, funny, all of the above. At Jessica Bradley. (Image from

Jessica Johnston's Recession Bling, which are copper cent-symbols necklaces created from--you guessed it--melted-down pennies. Sadly, I don't have any photos of these. But Anneke van Bommel's gold versions of disposable-fairground cutlery and Erin McCutcheon's "community vessels" (which require the joining of two pieces to be functional, pictured above) were also great. All at Radiant Dark. (Image from BlogTO)

Lead image of prorogue protest from

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