Tuesday, January 5, 2010

More Retro Action: Delving into the CanArt Archives

With Stephen Harper proroguing our government to a standstill--over the phone, no less--it's an extra-depressing time to be in the present. Why not leap back to the past? That's something I've enjoyed doing for the past few years when it's come time to dig up some "Retro Reads" for the Canadian Art website's holiday break. I really enjoy looking through old art magazines for interesting photos and time-warp perspectives. This season, I posted three articles from the mid-1980s: an interview with Eric Fischl, a critique of the opening show at the Power Plant, and a museum policy op-ed by a guy who went on to become one of Montreal's (and Canada's) most prominent dealers. Enjoy.

Image of Robert Enright's 1985 interview with Eric Fischl from Canadian Art

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