Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Where LC and the OC meet PS1 and MOMA?

Having just returned from a conversation with some friends about the can't-look-away-horrors of the TV show Dating in the Dark, I feel no shame whatsoever in saying an exhibition of LC and OC portraits looks like a real must-see. Entitled "With Friends Like These..." the latest show of Karin Bubas's work seems to consist of watercolour-style portraits of reality-show stars from The Hills. (Past series from Bubas have included a look at the drama queens from Dynasty.) The image above is called, appropriately, Lauren Crying, 2009. The show opens TONIGHT at the Charles H. Scott Gallery in Vancouver and can only (we hope!) soon be coming to other MTV-series-besotted lands. (Thanks to Lorissa Sengara for the tip!)

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