Monday, July 20, 2009

Stop in the Name of... Neon

I've been slowed down blog-wise and twitter-wise by a computer crash this weekend. How I wish the signals of this sudden stop had been a bit neon-prettier, like these makeshift "No Entry" signs I spied in Toronto's Kensington Market:

When you look up close the sign reads "Oooh sinning driver."

In retrospect I wish this had said "Oooh sinning ye who does not back-up-the-hard-driver." OK. Enough bad puns and self pity. I think there's a more important lesson here:

Of course! Signs work. (I always get the sense semiotics profs elbow each other and guffaw when they pass such a garbage receptacle.) In any case... signs. Yes. That's why I have to make new good behaviour ones for my desk when my computer, blank of all data, returns from the shop. Triple-pointed, triangle-shaped highlighter pen, don't fail me now! (Oh, and, in other words, I hope to be back consistently soon.)

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