Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Baby Boomers, Meet Your Match

Yeah yeah yeah. Enough about NYC and the fairs. If I had some travel cash, I would go to Fredericton and see writer RM Vaughan give a talk called "The Decline of the Baby Boomers: A Case for Cultural Renewal" on March 26. Why would I go see it? Because Mr. Vaughan is a kickass writer at most things I've seen him tackle, which occassionally includes art. I stumbled on one of his past National Post clippings in an exhibition binder this weekend and it was zingers galore. I think this baby boomers thing actually has a related article in the current issue of This Magazine as well. So east coasters don't let me down... it happens at 703 Queen St at 7pm.

Actually, there's a gaggle of fresh art talks happening in the next week or two. On Thursday, Lawrence Weiner is at Toronto's Harbourfront Centre, Rafael Lozano Hemmer is talks in Waterloo, and Geoffrey James is lecturing at Ryerson U. Further, Brit Carey Young is down with Toastmasters on Sunday back at Harbourfront. And if all that sounds too unwieldy, there's a more low-key art chat on failures and never-been projects led by emerging curator Nicholas Brown at the Drake, also on Thursday.

Still, nothing compares to a good analysis of the baby boomers... always love that stuff.

Image of RM Vaughan performing Gayga--the gay version of yoga--at the Pride Toronto art fair from his website


Unknown said...

Thanks for the plug, Leah! I will endeavour to keep things less wieldy, but no promises.

Leah Sandals said...

but will there be yoga of any particular sort? that will be the telling factor.

Anonymous said...

if you insist on being nice to R.M.V., I'll have to be meaner to him on my site.

Leah Sandals said...

I know LM, I appreciate how you guys are so very anti-RM -- especially when global balance calls for it. 50/50 Yin Yang, motha'uckahs!