Sunday, March 8, 2009

Bathhouse meets Arthouse in Halifax this June

Hey, here's a truly hot-looking art opportunity: Eyelevel Gallery and the Halifax Audio Club has just put out a call for submissions to "Audio Bathhouse", where Sea Dog's, the "largest private men's club east of Quebec City" is given over for an evening to audio and video installations.

According to the call:

Sea Dog’s is an active 2-level bathhouse. The space consists of several rooms (including 23 private rooms, a dark bondage room, a sauna, a whirlpool, etc). The whole space is dimly lit and has a nautical theme.

We seek works for the following locations:

* Audio for Dark room (no lights, includes couch and wall handcuffs)
* Audio for Sling room and Maze (darkened area with leather slings and metal maze)
* Audio for the dry sauna (functioning wooden sauna room with two wooden benches, approx. 6 feet by 6 feet, seats approx 8 people comfortably at a time)
* Audio for the revolving door (metal revolving capsule, big enough for one person)
* Video for private rooms (Many private rooms with beds receive the same video feed to monitors. Rooms are very small, there are mirrors on the walls and ceilings. the rooms are dimly lit.)
* Video for Group room (large flat-screen monitor with nearby couch/bed, dimly lit area with space for approximately 15 people to view the work)
* Video only for Hot Tub – (there is a video screen beside the whirlpool. We want video to go with sounds generated live by the functioning hot tub!)

Sounds fun! Submissions due April 10 for screening in June. For more information contact Eryn Foster,

Image of Seadog's hot tub -- where your very own video might screen -- from their website

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