Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Posting Notice: Gone Fishing, Or Some Such Nonsense, to July 12

Some people--or, okay, myself when I worked an office job--thought that perhaps freelancing could be somewhat vacation-y. I've learned since that--okay, given my bad-self-boss habits--it's actually meant not having much in terms of vacation or time off at all. (For more information on the goods and bads of the freelance life, you might check out some notes from Stanford U's recent Future of Freelancing conference and Zoe Cormier's "Freelance: Professionally Bipolar" post.) Anyway, for the next couple of weeks, I'm going to try to turn the tide on my sorry freelance-vacay relationship. I'll be gone fishing--or some such work-free nonsense--until July 12. I'm even going to hold off on moderating comments, so just FYI if you try to post some they won't go up until then. Whatever happens, hope ya'll stay safe and have some good days off of your own.

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