Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Bringing the Outdoors in on Morrow Ave

The three galleries in the Morrow Ave complex seem to simultaneously be showing some nice, quiet, contemplative works on nature, the cosmos, etc. At Peak, Laura Moore is showing marble sculptures of a pinecone and acorns with USB sticks attached. Chris Cutts has a show of paintings by Daisuke Takeya where the skyline of a city takes up 2% or so of painting's height, then it's just sky for the other 98%. (Closeup, I don't really like the way Takeya paints the sky and find it distracting, but I like his obstinateness on the importance of what we typically disregard and I like his choice of sites: Toronto, the Confederation Bridge, St. John's, Calgary...) At Olga Korper, Reinhard Reitzenstein does a bunch of nature-themed stuff. It's not all my bag, but I really like the cast bronze honeycombs and the circular photographs of rope lava. Go nature! And, er, culture!

Daisuke Takeya's Calgary 2009 from Christopher Cutts Gallery

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