Thursday, February 25, 2010

Tonight! Face the Critic at the Drake Hotel

Tonight, two of the most reviled and debated elements in the Toronto art scene come together: art critics and the Drake Hotel. The occasion is an event called "Face the Critic," featuring Andrea Carson, RM Vaughan and myself. (Hat tip to Mia Nielsen at the Drake for organizing it all.)

I'm looking forward to the event, if only to discover what my colleagues have brought as their examples of "most loved" and "most loathed" work. The event kicks off at 7, with everyone welcome and free admission. There's also a bonus: 100 people will get free a free work of art by Nikola Nikola, in keeping with the Drake's weekly Thursday art giveaways. Come on down!

Image of the Drake Hotel by Simon P from Wikimedia Commons


L.M. said...

I just emailed R.M.V. to ask how stupid talky night at the Drake went.

Leah Sandals said...

Hey LM,

I actually kind of enjoyed stupid talky night! RMV was great even though he threatened to leave repeatedly at the beginning due to a hockey broadcast unfurling in the original space. I'm glad he stayed! (Though he still may have found it stupid.)

I will say I don't think I did a great job talking about the loved/loathed works I presented, or selecting them. They were definitely works I personally admire but don't assume everyone else agrees. Ah well....

I look forward to any loves/loathes about the event itself.

L.M. said...

If I had been there I would have watched the game on an iPhone, while yelling out a play by play whenever you guys tried to talk. (Richard wouldn't have dared to walk out)

You'll just have to come up with another event for me to ruin for everyone.

Leah Sandals said...

Hey Lorna... hmmm... maybe you should organize the next event. Could be shouty in theme? Reminds me of "Sports Shout" from 30 Rock. We could have "Art Shout."

Leah Sandals said...

As an update, I just wanted to post a link to Andrea's notes on the panel on her blog:

There's some cogent commenters there too.