Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Thinking About: Nicole DeBrabandere at Alison Smith

You know when you see one piece from an artist previously unknown to you, and you find it so intriguing that you are dead-set to go to their next show and see if the rest delivers?

This is the way I feel about Nicole DeBrabandere, a Toronto-based artist who has a show opening Saturday at Alison Smith Gallery. I saw one of DeBrabandere's smallish ceramic sculptures at Smith's TIAF booth this fall, and I really liked it. That sets up the possibility of potentially really liking (or really not liking, or really feeling indifferent about) a wider span of her work. In any case, I do play to drop by sometime after the show opens. You can find a few more images here and here.

Image of one of DeBrabandere's works Alison Smith Gallery

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