Monday, October 5, 2009

Wondering About... Owen Kydd at the Vancouver Art Gallery

So... I was both excited and bummed to hear that Owen Kydd would be showing at the Vancouver Art Gallery starting this week. Excited because I really like Kydd's work from what I've seen at his Toronto dealer, Clark & Faria/Monte Clark Gallery, and bummed because there's pretty much no way I'm going to be getting to Vancouver before this show closes January 3, 2010.

Stills from Kydd's video works are viewable at his artist site, but it most certainly isn't remotely the same. Also, I'm unsure about how Kydd's newer work compares to the 2006 work of his that so charmed me, Mission. In that work, Kydd offers steady video shots of people and settings in Mission, BC. Really nice, intimate-feeling stuff.

I'll look forward to reading any reviews or hearing any commentary of how the show actually looks on the ground. And tips on teleportation. Thanks.

Video still from Owen Kydd's Mission 2006 from Monte Clark Gallery

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