Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Nuit Blanche Reviews Roundup UPDATED

I mentioned in a previous post that one researcher had called for more reviews of Nuit Blanche in the media--ie. not just previews. So I put in my (morning-after disjointed) two cents, and wanted to round up the rest that I could find here:

A Nuit To Remember & Poll - Torontoist

White Out - Eye Weekly

Mixing Art & Reality - National Post

Nuit Blanche: A City Changed
- Spacing Wire

Eat Your Heart Out Toronto-Haters
& Nuit Blanche: Magical Moments Amid the Mayhem - Globe

Minds are Open to Nuit Blanche but Streets Aren't
& From Tower to Toilet Another Bonne Nuit - Toronto Star

Nuit Blanche in Photos - BlogTO

Fastwurms Tarot Pics - Sally & LM

Please let me know of any I've missed. Hopefully this will be the last NB post of 09!

UPDATED - for a couple more...

Artstars* - Nuit Blanche video

Clone Gallery - Chris Le Page

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