Friday, September 25, 2009

Interview: Emily Vey Duke on Art Futures and Fears

Today, an audio interview I did with Syracuse-based Canadian artist Emily Vey Duke was posted at The interview relates to Duke's appearance on a panel happening tomorrow about the idea of "promise" and future stuff in the art world. Though the interview had to be pretty severely edited, I think what comes across overall is Duke's fairly radical-in-a-good-way-in-the-current-context opinion that art should have a moral impulse as well as a critical one. It's about six minutes long. Here ya be:

Two notes:

1) Man, I have to totally get better at audio-recording stuff. The quality is quite crappy, and for this I apologize to the artist and listeners (same going for the Myfanwy Macleod interview I posted earlier this week)

2) The panel Vey Duke is on happens from 11am to 12:30pm tomorrow (Saturday the 26th Sept) at OCAD as part of the Canadian Art Gallery Hop. I'm a bit of a shill for this event because (a) I work a bit at Canadian Art and (b) I'm doing a talk and tour as part of the Hop tomorrow, starting at 1:30pm at Diaz Contemporary and visiting the Tecumseth Street galleries. It's all free and I will even let you leave anytime you want if you deign to join me. Promise.

Image of one of Emily Vey Duke's collaborative installations created with art/life partner Cooper Battersby from their website

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