Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Cute Alert: The Canadian Art Gossip Generator

I was tipped off tonight by @Latitude_53 and @PrairieArtsters on Twitter about a very cute little art project: The Canadian Art Gossip Generator. Though it currently only exists in two editions—the Visualeyez/MST edition and the Saskatoon edition—I could imagine this handy piece of software sweeping the laptops across the nation, if only for a much-needed chuckle. (After all, considering solely the latest Portrait Gallery of Canada scandal and the BC arts funding cuts can lead to depressive states, dontcha know.)

One notable aspect of the generator, even though it is specifically targeted, supposedly, to events in Edmonton, Calgary and Saskatoon, is the cross-Canada flavour that emerges. For this, kudos goes to creator seems to be SK artist Megan Morman. Travel (or frequent moves) are part of life for certain prominent names in the CanArt scene, and the CAGG reflects that reality quite ably.

Says one quip, "The panel moderator won't hang out with [Toronto artist] Monty Cantsin," while another says, "The Cheeseater shagged [Montreal artist] Chris Lloyd at some ungodly hour." (Can someone please tell me what the Cheeseater is? On second, thought, maybe don't.)

Others snippets of computer generated gossip stay truer to their chosen locale, like, "Those chicks from SNAP Gallery had sex with The guy from Harcourt House in the lobby."

Though this seems to be a Western Canadian initiative, I'll just put my two cents in and say I'd love to see one for Toronto events Nuit Blanche and the Toronto International Art Fair.

And yes, the gossip generator can quote me on that.

Image from the Otherside Group


cindeb said...

The cheeseater is the ubiquitous guy who shows up to every opening and eats all the cheese! (Or stuffs his pockets with creampuffs, whichever you prefer!)

Leah Sandals said...

Hey - thanks for the clarification! Can it be applied to several individuals, or just one?

cindeb said...

Oh, ANY one of those guys (or gals) qualifies!

The Cheeseater is what we call one specific guy in Saskatoon, but we also use it to refer to that class of people. When I lived in Edmonton, there was one guy we called Gordon, even though that wasn't his name. As in "The Japanese eat with their EYES, Gordon!" (at a show of photos of Japanese food, featuring lots of opening sushi.)

Leah Sandals said...

Hm, local lore is interesting -- and somewhat Seinfeldesque, eh? Appreciate the inside scoop.