Monday, August 31, 2009

Tonight! Dandyhorse Launch

The fine folks at Dandyhorse magazine are having their third issue launch tonight at the Gladstone Hotel in Toronto. This new edition focuses on connections between music and bicycles, and includes my interview with Evalyn Parry, a singer-songwriter and most recently the developer of a musical play about women, marketing and bikes.

Appropriately, both music and bikes will be in great evidence at the launch via a Bike Art Dance Party. Also showing will be original bike art by Elicser, Marlena Zuber, Janet Attard, and Chimo Chan and Darren O'Donnell.

Admission is $10 for general public, $5 for subscribers.There will also be a vintage kid's bike for raffle and smokin' cycling wear for sale from the Deadly Nightshades. Wish I was in town to catch it all, but I'm much looking forward to seeing the party pics.

Stencil art by Janet Attard from Stencil Archive


Anonymous said...

Darcey, and the former Attorney General, ought to be at this opening, One is dead, and one is s criminal.


Sadly, one of them is dead.

Bike Lanes for cyclists!!!!

Quoting from an eye witness report:

“The guy hanging on to the car hit the mailbox, hit the road, and the… car ran over him with the back tires. The guy bounced, and the car sped off and the person that he ran over was there just bleeding,” witness Manual Machado told CTV.

Good Lord. What more is needed to make room for you and me???

Leah Sandals said...

Hi Anonymous,

Yes, the death of the cyclist last night is very sad news -- I've been travelling all day and only just heard about it. Horrible!

For readers who may not be aware, a cyclist was struck and killed in downtown Toronto last night. The car driver was a former attourney general for the province and is currently (though who knows for how long after this) head of Invest Toronto, an economic promotion group.

More info on the incident here:

And photos of today's memorial--cyclists blocking the road for a moment of silence--here, courtesy of Martin Reis.