Monday, August 24, 2009

EnRoute: Toronto Performance Art Overview in Switch

One of the anticipated highlights of this upcoming fall season for Toronto art lovers promises to be Candice Breitz at the Power Plant. In keeping with Breitz's incisiveness with performance forms (both those of celebrities and her own) the Power Plant is focusing its latest edition of Switch Magazine on performance art of various kinds. For it, I contributed a brief (admittedly laundry-list-like) overview of some of the main artists doing performance-related work in Toronto right now. Names range from Swintak and Diane Borsato to Life of a Craphead and Will Kwan. Admittedly, many names were left out for brevity. In any case, the mag should soon be available at the Power Plant--let me know who you think should have also made the list!

Image of Double Double Land Land, a performance by Life of a Craphead, from its website

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