Thursday, May 28, 2009

Q&A: The National Gallery's own Angels & Demons Blockbuster?

Today, the National Post published my Q&A with David Franklin, curator of "From Raphael to Carracci: The Art of Papal Rome", which is the National Gallery of Canada's summer blockbuster. I know it's silly to tie the production of an art historical exhibition to Dan Brown's Angels & Demons... but of course that didn't stop me from trying. An exerpt:

Q The movie Angels & Demons just came out. Are there any connections here for Dan Brown fans?

A I think if you want to understand more of Rome and papacy there's definitely lots to delve into in this exhibition. I'm not sure about one-to-one parallels, though.

Q Still, aren't Brown's books about looking for clues in artworks and architecture?

A Yes, and it's a nice metaphor for what art historians do. We're also looking for clues, and while there may be this veneer of accuracy in what we write, there's a lot of room for interpretation and detective work. It's inevitable that art produced centuries ago is going to keep a lot of secrets or enigmas.

The show opens Friday May 29.

Image of one of Raphael's portraits from Jerry and Martha


Valentin said...

while there may be this veneer of accuracy in what we writeI really appreciate his irony, it's great )

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