Saturday, May 23, 2009

Out Today: West Queen West Gallery Hop

Today the National Post published a wall-themed gallery hop of mine for the West Queen West area. It appeared earlier in the week on their Posted Toronto blog. Here's an excerpt:

1186 Queen St. W.
You know how in high-school chemistry you learned that an electron could be considered both a solid particle and a fluid wave? Well, Karen Henderson might be considered Toronto’s art chemist. In her artwork, Henderson has a tendency to position objects as time, and vice versa. In her latest work at Akau, this involves the display of two innocuous-looking still photographs that record over 14 hours of movement and time. Here’s how it happened: On Feb. 3, Henderson set up two cameras into Akau’s space, taking photographs of two display walls every 30 minutes for seven hours. Each time she took a new photo, she moved the camera’s view slightly to the right, generating what she calls a “Slow Pan.” The resulting panoramas look like simple 1/250th-of-a-second-snapshots, but contain much more. Conceptually, it’s a nice experimental project. But for all the time Henderson invested, it feels, in person, like there’s something missing, or at least amiss. Maybe this, too, is more dry science than engaging art? To June 13.

Image of installation at 47 gallery from Posted Toronto

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