Monday, November 24, 2008

Lessons on Lassitude from the New York Times

Well, goldarnit it sure hurts to be scooped by the New York Times on something happening just down the street in your own hometown. Worse hurtage occurrs when one had been thinking about writing of said thing, but just never got around to it.

Such is the case with artist Margaux Williamson's video "Dance Dance Revolutions Co", which I enjoyed at Harbourfront a couple of weeks back, and which talented Montreal writer Heather O'Neill singled out to the NYT Magazine this weekend as her favourite screen moment of the year.

What I liked about the video was: 1) It was easy to enjoy, brought a smile to my face; 2) The music was familiar to me, as it was made in part by a friend of mine, Marlena Zuber, who is part of the band Tomboyfriend; 3) It reminded me of being crazy dancing, and of all the people worldwide who find pleasure in that same harmless, joyous thing even though the world is filled with much darker things much of the time as well; 4) I had enjoyed Williamson's feature-length film Teenager Hamlet (and posted on it) earlier this year, and wondered if this often-pegged painter was finding new, more appealing (for me) strength in narrative, and in handing a starring role off to others.

In any case, it teaches a lesson to me if no one else--when you want to write about something, write about it! Slow Blogging and the rest be damned.

Oh, and another lesson -- dance, or enjoy others dancing, more often.


J@simpleposie said...

There's still time for you to write about it isn't there?

Leah Sandals said...

Hey Jen,

Well... yes, there is time. It depends what perspective one is speaking from... from that of a journalist (looking for the scoop!) or that of a art-enjoyer (looking for the meaning).

I guess I find these needs compete in me. In other words, it's clearly my problem and my issues! Just wanted to share.