Sunday, November 9, 2008

Feminist Art: Rock n' Roll Fun, as Well as Symposium-tastic

Was reminded by Jezebel just now of how great Sleater-Kinney, the classic all-lady rock trio from the West Coast, is/was. As fun and head-boppin' as some of their music can be, these females are seriously feminist. As co-frontwoman Corinne Tucker once stated, "We just want to say that we're not here to fuck the band. We are the band." (Now there's an all-girl exhibition title up for grabs!) Though it's sad the band is no longer together, it is fun to still blast their music and read guitarist Carrie Brownstein's blog Monitor Mix. As well as, of course, shred some serious air guitar to their tunes.

Also feminist fun, albeit in a bit quieter way: Toronto artist, curator and teacher Carla Garnet has organized a symposium on "Art Institutions and the Feminist Dialectic" for December 3 and 4 via the Ontario Association of Art Galleries. Speakers include Emelie Chhangur, Suzy Lake, Allyson Mitchell and Camilla Singh, among others. For more information see And don't forget to BYO-Bass.

Just in case you need an extra nudge:

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