Thursday, September 4, 2008

The Shame of Bishop Carroll High School vs. the Jubilance of an Arts Community UPDATED

Okay, so about a million years ago I went to a then-newfangled high school where there were no scheduled classes, just "learning centres," "unit packages" and an unerring emphasis on the use of a day planner and time management.

Sometimes I think that, much as the school--Calgary's Bishop Carroll, if you must know--was pitched as a centre for Olympic-class athletes (of which I was most decidedly not one) it was also, unintentionally, a training ground for future freelancers. Instead of coffee and beer, we had slurpees and fries, but most everything else was the same. Well, sort of.

In any case, I felt the shame of Bishop Carroll High School weighing on my shoulders last night as a forgotten, non-daytimered deadline sprang up out of nowhere to prevent me from attending the Toronto Town Hall meeting on the arts at the Theatre Centre, posted here previously.

Luckily, there were other brighter minds on the ball who are filling me in today about how things went:

All exciting stuff! 

UPDATE Here's a few more links that came in this afternoon in reaction to the arts cuts

Image of an unblemished, unblamable day planner from the Day Timer website


Wil Murray said...

As a former Bishop Carroll student myself. i had to laugh.
"Born to Freelance" tattoos should be mandatory for all non-"elite athlete" students of that school.

Leah Sandals said...

Hey Wil, I've heard that they've since toughened up, so maybe it's only really a school for in-house contractors now? : ) Go Cardinals!

Amy Fung said...

thanks for the link, leah, right back atcha, and the interest in the exhibition. I will hopefully post up some photos and the didactics soon.

Leah Sandals said...

hey that's great amy, looking forward to it!

Wil Murray said...
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