Friday, September 26, 2008

Bookending Le Week: Warhol in MTL, Textiles in TO

Wall Street, Damian Hirst, Stephen Harper. What un week ou deux we've been having. But endorphins in the cultural community are back a-flowing, of course, thanks to Margaret Atwood's zingy op-ed on the importance of arts funding (and the ridonkulousness of Stephen Harper) in the Globe yesterday.

The stuff I've been publishing, isn't, admittedly, quite as exciting as Peggy's, but here you go: A review of the highly underrated Textile Museum's exhibition Close to You in NOW, and a Q&A in the National Post with Montreal Museum of Fine Arts curator St├ęphane Aquin on their just-opened Warhol Live exhibition. To be honest, I've seen the catalogue and I think they have found a new spin on Warhol here, and I look forward to seeing/hearing it--even if, as AGYU curator Philip Monk pointed out some years ago, the Warhol spin machine has its own problems.

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