Friday, October 16, 2009

Noticed: Steven Shearer Brings the Canuck-ness to W Mag's Art Issue

W Magazine's annual art issue is out, and where last year saw Peter Doig providing the issue's CanCon, this year has Steven Shearer on tap. As the magazine notes:

Vancouver artist Steven Shearer makes collages, paintings and drawings, often using images he finds online as a starting point. His commissioned piece for W brings together crayon-on-paper drawings, his photograph of a painting in progress and a collection of downloaded photographs. Originally meant to serve as reference material, the Internet printouts became worn and splattered with paint. “They’ve been transformed by being in hand and around the studio,” he explains. As is the case with much of what he’s drawn to during his Web trawls, the found images “echo some kind of historical idea of portraiture,” says Shearer, pointing out the similarity between the subjects’ rocker hair and the tresses of Pre-Raphaelite ladies.

I'm not a massive Shearer fan by any means, but I can see the fashion appeal. Hair + prettiness + retro = fashion friendly?

Also worth noting: if Linda Evangelista counts as an artist (?) her modelling for Maurizio Cattelan in the same issue might also up the maple syrup quotient.

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