Saturday, October 24, 2009

Last Chance: Blue Republic @ Peak

Someone tweeted the other day that they felt TIAF was worth about three hours of their time. I can't vouch for that yet myself, but if you do happen to be looking for other art options this weekend, I recommend catching Blue Republic @ Peak Gallery. The show, which features totally wonderful photos of water-on-rock drawings, closes tomorrow.

Also worth seeing up in that neck of the woods:

Lois Andison @ Olga Korper - Loved, loved, loved a couple of the works in this show. More on that next week, hopefully, but for now, recommended.

Elena Popova @ Tinku - A small, enjoyable show of colourful, lovingly made prints. It's about the visual pleasure, people.

Christy Langer @ Christopher Cutts - Langer's impressively crafted zombie-like animal sculptures have almost always wowed technically. But in the light of North America's vampire craze I have to say they become even more compelling -- whether the artist likes that reading or not. You think Bunnicula is the last word in bloodsucking cuties? Try Langer's Peacockcula, or Sparrowcula. (To be clear, these are my titles, not hers.) There's a lot of other content here, of course, around the uncanny, environmental meltdown, taxidermy, etc. But so help me Van Helsing, the True Blood connection is what stayed with me this time around.

Image of Blue Republic's "Ladder" from their Water Drawings series from Peak Gallery

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