Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Art You Can Bank On; Or, Creativity meets Commerce At Last!

Just wanted to post a few quick pics of a new public art piece in Toronto. Entitled "Bank on Art," it consists of working bank machines specially outfitted to stream artwork images. Currently, the machines feature images from about 40 Toronto artists, and are programmed to feature six per day for the month of August. (A full schedule of the artist rotation can be found here.) These are pictures of the first bank machine in the project installed at 952 Queen St W. Others are slated to come in different areas of the city. More info as it becomes available... but for now, the pics.

No one in this grouping seems to have wanted to reference the bank-machineness of the context, but I look forward to seeing if Thursday exhibitor RM Vaughan takes up the dollar-sign challenge.

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