Thursday, June 9, 2011

Apology: On My Own Particular Idiocies

Reader, I was chagrined today to realize I had made quite a mistake in one of my reviews that was published last week, and I am posting now to own up to my own particular idiocies.

In my National Post review last week of Maya Hayuk and Jen Stark at Show & Tell Gallery, I wrote that I preferred Stark's work to that of Hayuk because there was no large installation by Hayuk on view. Specifically I wrote, "I’m disappointed that Brooklyn’s Hayuk, who’s done stunning murals and installations from the Bahamas to Bonnaroo (check them on her website) is represented here by such standard, smallish formats. So until someone invites Hayuk back for a large-scale project, it’s Stark’s out-there, hippieish quirks — from intensive handwork to starburst wall hangings — that have more staying power in my mind."

Well reader, I realized today that someone in Toronto HAD invited Hayuk to do a large-scale installation, and that is up and running now, just as it has almost fully since the Show and Tell exhibition opened. This Hayuk installation is at the Drake Hotel.

I realize in retrospect this confusion might have come about because I saw the Show & Tell exhibition while the mural by Hayuk was just in development at the Drake. Nonetheless, by the time the review was published, the mural was already up for a couple of weeks.

I apologize to Hayuk, Show & Tell, the Drake and anyone who may have been misled or confused by this omission.

Also on the idiocy front, I let my email get overloaded today and yesterday, so it went on the fritz this afternoon from about 3pm to 8pm. If anyone was trying to send materials during that time, best to resend.

Back now to our irregularly scheduled programming!

(Image of scolding figure from Shatterbox)

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