Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Do Not Adjust Your Monitor! Jen Stark Video & Font Fix Experimentation

"Believer" by Jen Stark / Music by Dan Deacon from Jen Stark on Vimeo.

I had some fun this weekend looking at the op-arty stuffs of Miami's Jen Stark at Show & Tell. Though Stark's part of the show (the other half features Maya Hayuk) is dominated by drawings and paper sculptures, I thought the above animation was the best thing there. It's almost even better without the music—if you're a visual person like I am, that is. Just dial that volume all the way down. Interestingly, Stark started out in animation before seguing into object-based art. I think it shows, for sure.

On a related optical note, I recently realized that the font I've been using here on the blog can actually be larger. So I may be experimenting with that a bit. Just wanted to let you know it's not your eyeballs or your 'puter playing tricks on you.

Oh, but if you are interested in your eyeballs playing more tricks on you, I recommend dropping by Alvaro Illizarbe's installation at Narwhal. Lots of concentrically-drawn shapes pressed up against each other, wallpapered all over the floor and the walls. There's some related wall works hung in this crazy context. You can also buy a similarly printed T-shirt if you want to go all camouflage-style. Here's an example:

(Jen Stark video embedded from her Vimeo page; image of Narwhal's Alvaro Illizarbe installation from their website)

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