Friday, September 17, 2010

UPDATED "Please send... a jpeg of an aspect of your activities" Uh... okay.

Recently, I signed on to do a talk at Sheridan's art and art history program, and was asked to "please send along... a jpeg of an aspect of your activities with caption information." A jpeg of an art critic/freelance writer/editor's activities? Hm. Uh. Okay. I felt a bit challenged coming up with a visual representation of a text-based practice, rather than just a headshot, and considered opening a dictionary, scrawling some red ink over a some newspaper pages or the old-hands-on-a-keyboard shot. In the end, because I tried to shill that part of my "practice" (rather than just meeting deadlines) is relating art to the world beyond, I went for a shot of my bookcase, above, which includes a slightly squishy football, a folded up kite, and Shinan Govani's Boldface Names, among other stuff. I'm also open to any other suggestions for what "a jpeg of an aspect of a freelance writer/editor/critic's activities" might look like. Laser beams coming out of eyeballs onto art could be a good altered pic, I think, but I just don't have those mad photoshopping skillz.

UPDATE: Danny Custodio, a photographer and former classmate who works at Rodman Hall, rose to the challenge! Thank you Danny! Too late to meet my Sheridan image deadline, but an inspiration nonetheless.

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