Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Will Munro Remembrance Tomorrow Night @ Gladstone

The news that artist Will Munro passed away on Friday is very sad. I just wanted to post that a remembrance event is set for tomorrow night at the Gladstone Hotel. According to a release from Paul Petro Gallery,

A memorial service/celebration for Will Munro will be held on Wednesday, May 26, at 8pm at the Gladstone Hotel's Melody Bar. All those who have loved and been loved by Will are welcome to attend. The theme is TRANSCENDENCE.

Also, instead of flowers and gifts, we will be asking people to make a charitable donation. The details of this are currently getting sorted out and we will provide you with all the information on Wednesday.

More information is available on Facebook. Eye Weekly and many other outlets and blogs have posted remembrances about Munro as well.

Image from Munro's final exhibition from Paul Petro Gallery

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